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W e l c o m e

If you are looking for a church home while in Nigeria, away from your native country or your place of primary citizenship, then New Beginnings International Church may be where you belong!


We would be happy to receive you and to share with you our passion for what God can do to make your time in Nigeria one of blessing and great success. The challenges of Nigeria are numerous, but we are convinced that God can make this one of the glorious periods of SUCCESS in your Christian life. He can truly--giving you new beginnings in your walk with God.


New Beginnings International Church is still a BABY—established only in early September 2010! However, it is already proving to be a dynamic and growing international church serving the heart of the largest black city in the world—Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos has a population of tens of thousands of ex-pats. Already there are ex-pats from more than a dozen nationalities represented among those attending NBIC services.

Come and explore with us how we can work together!

Become Part of our family


Every Sunday from 10am-11:30am

Sunday school is also available for children

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