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A Personal Message from Pastor  Gary, 

along with Pastor Kabelo

2021 is the YEAR OF ACTION for NBIC! After several years of quandary, planning, searching,

and not a few frustrations we can at long last see the way through to our very own building

for New Beginnings International Church! It is a huge step toward a long-range future.

Our search for an adequate church to serve the expatriate community in Lagos has been a

long one. For well over 20 years I have been preaching to expats, as well as Nigerians who

have spent years overseas and who are now back in the country. It is truly a great milestone

that at long last we are taking concrete steps to get our own building.

Here’s the bottom line: with good congregational participation and also reaching out to

some of our former friends and participants, there is every reason to expect to be in our

OWN BUILDING and debt free before the end of this year!

NBIC Moving to Gracefield Island!

Our deacons have worked hard to lay out a plan. They will continue doing so over the coming months. Substantial funds are already in the bank waiting to be used. Here is what has brought us to this point, and where we want to go between now and December:

  1. Two years ago, we received a generous offer from the owners of the developing 100-hectare Gracefield Island (via a causeway off Chevron Drive, Lekki) to provide NBIC adequate land free of charge.

  2. After regrettable delays on our own part, the agreement was modified to now offer us land free of charge for the next five years, with the possibility of getting into a pre-built chapel on the island thereafter. We need to get onto the island as quickly as possible, to enhance our long-range goal of permanent occupancy. What we will do immediately is to put up a new marquee, anticipating that after five years we will

have opportunity to move into a new chapel planned for Gracefield Island. Those details must be worked out later, but we see absolutely no reason not to proceed with this current excellent offer.

  3. We will purchase a very adequate new Chinese-manufactured marquee which will house all our church needs over the next five years. The marquee is similar to what other churches are using in Lagos, a “tent” made of ABS or tempered glass, with an anticipated life expectancy of not less than 20 years.

  4. In the meantime, the government has commissioned and begun construction on a broad perimeter road connecting Gracefield Island to Lekki Phase One and Ikoyi. This will make access easier than our current temporary location at the Bespoke Centre. Before the completion of that road, scheduled for late next year, we will access the island through Chevron Drive.

  5. If we were to continue to lease the Bespoke Centre for the next five years it would cost us at least N100m (probably more), with nothing to show at the end. Here is the GOOD NEWS: By following our Gracefield Island plan we can purchase, import, install and completely furnish our new marquee for an estimated N120m! We know that figure may go up or down somewhat as we move forward, watching every penny but also making sure we use quality materials. Thankfully, there is NO COST whatsoever for the use of the land. At the end of five years we can either move our marquee to another location or sell it off.

In summary:

  • Anticipated cost: N120m ($250k)

  • Time lapse from purchase to installation: 2 months

  • Needed before marquee is purchased and shipped: N80m ($167k)

  • Needed by 45 days later: another N40m ($84k)

  • Amount already on hand by April 1: N38m ($79k)

  • Short-term pledges already by April 1: N5m ($10.5k)

  •  Timeline:

             April 11 – Building fund launching

                     Congregation

                     Former members and friends

             May 2 – short service and picnic on site for symbolic “groundbreaking”

              June 6 – NBIC moves back to final services at Bespoke

             On or before November 1 – Reach goal of N80m, ordering of tent

             On or before December 15 – completion of goal: N120m

             On or before January 1 – occupancy of new home

We thank God we are already 30% of the way on our fundraising! This project is surely something we can and will do TOGETHER. Emma Lou and I have always wanted to be first in line on this. That is why we started paying N500,000 monthly into the NBIC building fund around a year ago. By now we have completed half of our N10m pledge. We plan to continue paying N500,000 monthly throughout the rest of this year. Others are starting to join in One of our deacons and committee members has pledged to provide for the toilets,

office space and a very large number of chairs and tables, saving us millions.

Here is my humble and urgent appeal:

     1. Begin immediately to pray on a regular basis for God to lead this process.

     2. Send in something generous over the next 30 days to give us another big boost.

     3. If you can do so, let our treasurer, Kieran Godden know what you can give additionally over the next six to eight months.

     4. Encourage others to get involved.

We will keep everyone posted on a monthly basis about our funding and physical progress.

This is our first capital project in our nearly 11-year history. I am confident God is leading us.

Finally, Kieran Godden, our faithful treasurer, tells me there are several ways people can remit their donations (always marking it for “NBIC Building Fund”):

     1. Deposit Naira locally into our church UBA account #1018134215

     2. Deposit US dollars locally into our church UBA domiciliary account #3001867144

     3. Send US dollars from anywhere in the world to Friends of WATS,    609 E. Main Street, Duncan, SC 29334-9132 (or online at

     4. For those donating internationally directly to our UBA domiciliary account who need more information:


         US Dollar [$] Inflows:

         Correspondent Bank: Citibank New York


         ROUTING or ABA No: 021000089

         For Credit to: United Bank for Africa Plc

         Account No: 36320321


         For Final Credit To: New Beginnings International Church

         Beneficiary Account No: 3001867144

         Other details that may be required:

         Bank: United Bank for Africa

         Swift Code: UNAFNGLA

         Branch Name: Plot 1115A Adeola Odeku

         Branch Code: 033150037

         Bank Address: 53 Marina, Lagos

MAY GOD BLESS YOU! As always, let us know if you have questions. In the words of Nehemiah, “Let us rise up and build!”


With excitement and peace,

Pastor Gary and Pastor Kabelo,

+234-807-713-6224; +234-814-236-0617

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