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what to expect

We use the word “international” because we are focused squarely on ministry to people in Lagos who are citizens of other countries. Our mission is to expats!!

We seek to be a “church” in the fullest sense of that word—functioning as the body of Christ within Lagos engaging in the full life of the church, including fellowship, worship, discipleship, evangelism, corporate acts of service and love, etc.  We believe profoundly in “new beginnings” for all of those who join us:

Corporately, we mean that we are not seeking to continue some of the previous patterns of expatriate fellowships in Lagos, including (1) sporadic or haphazard engagement with other believers and with corporate fellowship, (2) a psychological sense of transiency, resulting in a lack of full commitment to the Lagos body of Christ, (3) a belief that we have some kind of primary church allegiance outside of our place of significant residence.

Individually, we seek personal spiritual revival to have a new personal beginning in our walk with the Lord, including renewed devotion to prayer and Bible reading and study, reaching out to others in fellowship and personal witnessing/evangelism, and commitment to regular discipleship and Bible study activities.

Collectively, over our first two years we have grown to 150 members, and we remain convinced that our growth should steadily continue to embrace more and more of the expat population of Lagos. We look forward to the day in the not-distant future when we will be 500 strong!!”

New Beginnings International Church is still a TODDLER—established only in early September 2010! However, it is proving to be a dynamic and growing international church serving the heart of the largest black city in the world—Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos has a population of at least thirty thousand expats. Already there are expats from more than twenty-five nationalities represented among those attending NIBC services.


Here is what we seek to offer as a church:

* A very satisfying corporate worship experience every week.
* Great music and sound Bible preaching.
* An excellent teaching ministry under a skilled and experienced pastor.
* A fellowship where everyone has a voice and leadership is a shared experience.
* Developing networks of discipleship and Bible study.
* A strong focus on children and youth ministry.

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